Video Highlight: Objective Truth

In this presentation at the ReThink Conference, Brett Kunkle put forth the argument that Christians need to have better reasons for why they are Christians.

Giving reasons like, “I was raised Christian,” or “God changed my life,” have no impact on the atheist. Furthermore, Christians should avoid giving subjective truth reasons for their belief since experience is not enough to keep faith grounded. Instead, Brett contends that we should be able to state with confidence that, “I’m a Christian primarily because there are good reasons and evidence that Christianity is objectively true.” Objective truth is available to the believer.

Watch the Video:

In conversations with atheists, Christians should ask and answer four main questions:

  1. Does truth exist and can we know it?
  2. Does God exist?
  3. Has God acted in history? and
  4. Does God speak?

Showing that these beliefs actually match reality will lead an atheist to the truth of the gospel.


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