What is Intelligent Design? Video Highlight

In this presentation, Sean McDowell gives a brief overview of the intelligent design movement. He highlights some of the more persuasive evidences for its truth, and begins by discussing the pervasiveness of Darwinism as a worldview and its impact on everyday life. Darwinism ultimately teaches that we are accidental by-products of blind forces in nature and that all life is doomed to die as the universe cools. What a depressing way to look at the world!

Sean discusses three areas of science that support intelligent design. First, physics gives amazing examples of fine-tuning within the universe; evidence that things have been prepared for life. Second, biochemistry offers evidence of intelligence in irreducible complexity, a real conundrum for Darwinian evolution. Lastly, biology shows massive amounts of information within the very cells of our bodies; this information points to a designing intelligence.

Intelligent Design: Application?

As children begin to hear evolution tossed around in their classrooms as if it is a foregone conclusion, it will be helpful for them to already be familiar with the evidence for and against intelligent design. Don’t be afraid to dig deep with them; truth prevails.

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