Weekly Roundup – 8/9

We hope you will find this list of collected bits from around the web interesting and useful today. This week we focus on the problem of evil(why does a good God allow pain and suffering?) and end with a wonderful article about why it matters to think about these things. Let us know what you think, or if you’ve seen something else that we missed! Be sure to also check out the Picture Book Apologetics project on Kickstarter. We greatly appreciate your support!

Posts from Around the Web


  • A lecture by Dr. Clay Jones on Answering the Problem of Evil, on YouTube.


  • Dr. Mark Talbot speaks about his forthcoming book tentatively entitled, When the Stars Disappear: Why Christians Suffer. Listen here.

Kid Friendly

While the rest of the material posted here is suitable for teenagers and useful for parents who want to better understand the problem of evil in order to respond to children’s questions, this download is specifically for kids!

  • Just fill in your name and email to download a question and answer pdf that touches on the problem of evil, and even pluralism, in child friendly terms: From Focus on the Family

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Why It Matters

  • Believing for No Reason by Clint Roberts. “To ask “why” is to solicit a reason for the truth of something. What begins in childhood is supposed to continue throughout the course of life. We believe things on account of other things, or in words, for reasons.
  • What happens if we don’t answer questions? How about if we compromise on the Gospel for the sake of being relevant? Read some insightful words here.


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