Unicorns and the Bible

This short, informative video, created by Nathan Hoffman, addresses a commonly raised objection about the accuracy of the Bible: unicorns!

We were fortunate enough to see this video shared on Facebook, and hope that it proves to be an interesting watch for you as well. Why does the Bible mention unicorns? Aren’t those things mythical? What is going on?? Watch with your kiddos, or explain what you learn to them as you read the verses provided in the video and in the article we’ve linked to below.



You can follow the link to the original article on Creationtoday.org. Enjoy!



2 responses to “Unicorns and the Bible”

  1. Nathan Hoffman Avatar
    Nathan Hoffman

    Wow. Nice video. Whoever made it did a good job.

    1. Indeed “they” did! 🙂

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