Our Children Need to Know What They Believe

This is not the time to be a weak-minded Christian.

Today, Christians around the world face daily challenges similar(and in some cases, disturbingly identical) to the challenges God fearing men and women faced long ago in the time of the Canaanites and more recently in the time of the Romans. In Western society, a climate of persecution is percolating that should be regarded by believers with wariness, tempered trepidation and faithful determination. In the United States, we watch as absolute morality slips through the fingertips of the nation, and gives way to rampant baby killing, flagrant sexual deviance, open pursuit of a quieted Church, and inculcation of bad thinking and bad ideas at young ages in our children without our consent.

Amidst the well recognized furor surrounding same-sex marriage and reproductive rights, a different kind of furor has become in vogue; a viciousness directed toward Christianity. It is now widely acceptable to cast Christians as a bitter people group that clings to guns and religion, to use the media to depict them as judgmental hypocrites who possess unfounded faith, and to crudely mock our Lord and Savior. Let’s be honest- if you have spent 10 minutes on the internet, you’re already well aware of this reality. In all likelihood, we are descending into a period of time that will  be very difficult for our children and our children’s children. For the reasons detailed above, and countless others, we realize it is time to become more committed to equipping our children with the tools necessary to defend themselves amongst their peers, and to reassure themselves amidst the barrage of media and public opinion that tell them their hope is false and their God is not real.

As Christians, we serve a mighty, righteous, loving God, and we are co-heirs with His glorious Son, Jesus Christ. We share in a faith that has endured for ages and has stood the test of historical, archaeological, philosophical and logical scrutiny. However, instead of embracing our sure foundation and spending time studying and sharing the wealth of wisdom available to us with our children, many of us have neglected these gifts. Unfortunately, many church youth groups have become places where children are placated with candy and other time-passing activities. Now it is our hope that we can begin, as a body, to challenge and encourage our youth instead of giving them spiritual milk and the disservice of sheltered naivety.

Christian apologetics- reasoned arguments or writings in defense of our religious doctrine- is an extremely useful tool to help us understand and defend our faith. At Youth Apologetics Network, we hope to supply articles, resources, reviews of resources, upcoming event information and more, that are created by educated, reliable and respected individuals and geared toward young people- from kindergarten to high school age. By using proven arguments and verified facts and re-presenting them in a way that is understandable to young children, we are confident that God will bless this work and raise up a generation of informed, secure and gracious lovers of Christ. Though the future for our children may be marked by adversity, we rejoice in the fact that they need not be alone or ill-equipped.

We welcome contributions of materials and articles to the site, and look forward to building a network of fellow believers dedicated to emboldening our youth in their faith.



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