Amy Toy of Sing through the Bible memorization

Memorization: A New Year of Sing Through the Bible

Memorizing scripture is an important part of helping children understand and own their faith in God and the Bible. Along with apologetics, scripture reading and memorization are essential for solid foundations. Are you ready to dive in?

Get Started with Memorization

We’ve posted several tools for Bible time before here, and we’d like to bring the Sing Through the Bible project on Youtube to your attention (especially since the year is just beginning!). This one is worth your time.

Matthew 3:16-17 (NLT) – Bible Song | After His Baptism

The Sing Through the Bible project by Biola grad Amy Treadwell Toy and her husband, Brandon, started last year on January 1st. 365 days later, they’ve faithfully created and posted one new verse song each day. That’s 365 bite-sized memorization tools that are totally fun for kids to watch and remember. It’s a minimal time-commitment (win), but one that actually encourages and enables your kids to hide verses away in their mind (double-win). Check it out!

Now What?

Give it a try and let us know what your kids think! We think you’ll enjoy: