8 Things Christians Must Understand About our Cultural Moment: Podcast Highlight

Jonathan Morrow tackles some of the main points he believes that Christians must understand in their cultural engagement. In 8 Things Christians Must Understand About our Cultural Moment, he opens by explaining that religion should be more than just a preference.

He contends that Christianity is either true or false, and if it is true, Christians should be able to calmly investigate any objections to it that arise. Christianity is able to compete within the global marketplace of ideas. As Christians, we are called to be everyday ambassadors of Christ, and we must understand some key issues within our culture. We must understand that our culture is spiritual but not religious, that pluralism and relativism saturate world views, and that in general, we must be familiar with the pulse of our culture.

God has called us to be everyday ambassadors. Furthermore, the younger generation has a built in distrust of institutions and authority. With these factors in mind, Christians should take opportunities to share a Christ centered message in a way that treats others with dignity and respect while faithfully representing God. The rest is up to Him.

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