Competing Voices: We Aren’t the Only Ones Claiming Christ

Our goal here at Youth Apologetics Network is to help you train up your children to properly know and love the true Living God. We are the recipients of a faith that is tested, reliable and factual, and it is to that end that we encourage parents and youth leaders to strive.

However, we aren’t the only ones striving to that end, are we? This week, we browsed competing materials from religions that are likely to arrive at your door, and wondered if sharing some of them with you would not only embolden you to share the real Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also shed light on some of what we are up against. Much of what children are being exposed to is blatantly contrary to biblical teaching, but some of it is packaged in misleadingly similar terms. In fact, we believe that one of the reasons these particular religions are successful at recruiting members is that they do contain some aspects of truth about God and His teachings. This is part of why solid teaching from a young age is important, otherwise, resources like the following may seem valid, or even appealing, to an undiscerning Christian eye.


Jehovah’s Witnesses

If you’ve done any reading about the Watchtower Society and its followers, you know this is a sect that uses a lot of the same language as Christianity but lacks a solid biblical foundation. However, they are in your neighborhood, knocking on your door, and raising up youth that have access to materials like these:





  • This coloring sheet is one of many that can be found on the site. Click on the text below to reveal what story they will be coloring and role-playing:


Click to reveal who you'll be role-playing!


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

After nearly landing a member in the White House, people became a bit more interested in Mormonism. It says Jesus Christ right in the name, so it must be Christian, right? Well, not exactly, so have a look at some of their materials targeted at youth. On the surface, this all seems rather welcoming and one can quickly see how people become entangled in their beliefs.




  • This page is solely for young women. Under the Value heading are many things that a woman must/should do to complete her personal progress. Under Virtue, for example, it reads “Virtuous living “at all times and in all things, and in all places” qualifies you for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.”

Learning More

To learn more about Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witness doctrine, we highly recommend CARM and Evidence Ministries to start, though there are many other sites and resources that offer valuable information.


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