Picture Book Apologetics and VisionTrust book giveaway

Ready for the Great Commission and a Book Giveaway?

It’s time for a giveaway, friends.

Violence, poverty, hate… this world is sinful and rough and lately the weight of it has been especially heavy for me. My reach feels small, my time feels short, and I know I’m not the only one that wants to be more present and effective for the Kingdom. Bonus points if that effect impresses upon our children the importance of being advocates for the vulnerable and oppressed.

So here’s the plan.

You share your email and a social media follow with an organization that enables us to be more effective advocates for the vulnerable and oppressed, and I’ll enter you into a giveaway for a set of 2 of our most popular Picture Book Apologetics books (a $16 value).

These are the books in the giveaway!

Who’s the organization I’m talking about?

VisionTrust International LogoVisionTrust International. Their work began 20 years ago with a pre-school program in the Dominican Republic and an orphanage in Myanmar. Today, through local partners (meaning, local Christians who know the cultural context and are EFFECTIVELY sharing Jesus), they operate Transitional Homes, Schools, and Learning Centers in 17 countries throughout the world, serving over 18,000 children. The children receive nutritious meals, education, and spiritual care, and most importantly, these kids are hearing the Gospel.

I’ve been impressed by how VisionTrust intentionally partners with Christians in extremely impoverished areas in responsible, culturally appropriate ways. Their long-term goal of children growing into mature Christians who then become the change-makers in their own community is also important to me. It’s why I’ve worked as their graphic designer for the last 2 years.

So why is this on our apologetics blog?

Teaching our kids apologetics is essential. They absolutely need to know how to defend their faith and that they can be confident it’s true. But they also need to see their faith in action. One of those ways can be through participating in a mission trip to interact with other believers around the world. Another way can be forming an encouraging, supportive relationship with kids their age from different cultural contexts. And yet another way is by watching their parents use their hard-earned money to fund the work of the great commission. VisionTrust enables believers to do ALL of those things in ways that are beneficial to everyone involved. Whether you decide to fly as a family on a mission trip or start giving up 1 coffee a month to feed a child for a year…It’s pretty great.

And that’s where you come in.

By giving us your email* and following on social media, you’ll start learning about opportunities for putting your family’s faith in action. You’ll have the chance to show your kids why you’re so crazy about apologetics and sharing the Gospel with others. And hey, you might even win a pair of Picture Book Apologetics books in the giveaway, which is pretty sweet, too!

You have 1 week! Enter, share, get acquainted with VisionTrust using the links below… and I’ll start getting these books ready to mail out.


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Pig and the Accidental Oink and Pitfalls, ready to mail!


*The important giveaway details

By sharing your email with us, you’ll begin receiving emails from VisionTrust International about the awesome ways you can reach kids around the world with the Gospel, and from Youth Apologetics Network (we’re “once-a-month” type folks; feel free to unsubscribe at any time).

This giveaway is open to adults ( 18+ years old) in the United States. If you’re the winner of the giveaway (winner drawn at random using Rafflecopter software) we’ll contact you via email to notify you and collect your address so that the books can be mailed to you! Be sure to use an email you actually check, or you might miss the announcement that you won. That would be a huge bummer, because I’ll select another winner if I haven’t heard from you within 2 days. Each book in the giveaway sells for $8 on Amazon. That means, if you win, that’s a $16 value for a set of two of our bestselling books.

Giveaway ends 03/19/18 at 12:00am (that’s Sunday night/Monday morning).