4 apologetics action hacks that aren't really hacks

4 Apologetics Action Hacks (that aren’t really hacks)

I’ve painstakingly compiled a list of 4 scientifically proven apologetics action hacks. These are revolutionary ways to spur your pursuit to defend the faith and grow in your love for God and others. Brace yourselves! Are you ready?

  1. Read a book

    Step one, read a book. Step two, consider what the book’s author is claiming. Step three, decide whether you agree, disagree, or both, and how this decision might interact with your beliefs. Step four, read another book to help you decide. Step five, keep reading.

  2. Talk to a real person

    Step one, find a real person in real life. Step two, ask them questions because you actually care about them as a person. Step three, don’t be a jerk. Step four, pray for that person and consider how you can improve your ability to have better conversations with real people in real life in the future. In no time, you’ll have a number of ideas for research and future conversations.

  3. Read the Bible

    Step one, read your Bible.

  4. Take a social media break

    Step one, tell yourself that you’re going to take a social media break. Step two, follow through. Step three, discover that after the first few days you don’t actually miss it and are better able to focus on your real-life commitments. Step four, discover that you can take interest in topics and studies of your own choosing, instead of what is foisted upon you by the powers that be.

Alright, so that was a little tongue in cheek. Sorry, not sorry. I want SO MUCH for everyone to feel empowered to make a difference for the kingdom. No one is disqualified, if they’re a believer, from sharing the Gospel and defending the faith. What “hacks” do you have that kick your learning and defending into high gear? Share them with us on our Twitter or Facebook page (we check them… sometimes).