8 Resources: Abortion, SLED Test & Trotting Out a Toddler

By now, you’re probably seen the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. If you haven’t, you can view the edited and unedited versions here, as well as Planned Parenthood’s response here. In the videos, representatives from Planned Parenthood discuss the sale (you can call it compensation, if you’d like, but it doesn’t change what is happening) of the tissue (that’s code for baby organs) that is procured from abortions with “buyers” from the CMA.

Since the first video was posted, two weeks of sharing videos, reading articles and signing petitions have followed. We have seen many debates (with varying degrees of civility) spawning in Facebook and Twitter feeds. For those opposed to the destruction of human life, they are filled with the desire to overthrow the Planned Parenthood machine. For those in favor, they fight back with venom. Both sides strike and I wonder, whose minds are changing? How will this play out?

As we have conversations and push forward toward the protection of unborn life, I wanted to share a few resources that you may be able to use to encourage reasonable discussions. First, you need to have some solid reasons for why you think abortion is wrong. Is a fetus a human or isn’t it? Is it really a woman’s “right” to choose? Realistically, as long as you know why you believe a person is a person at conception and why it is wrong for a person to be killed in the womb, you are on firm footing.

Social Media Graphics, Articles & Tools

I am including a few graphics here that we created from quotes in helpful articles, as well as an 8.5×11″ resource that covers the “SLED Test” and “Trotting Out a Toddler” approaches. I would recommend sharing them on Facebook or Twitter along with the link to the related article so that you can invite some interesting conversations.

The SLED Test & Trotting Out a Toddler

Sled Test and Trotting out a toddler handout

You can download the 8.5×11″ pdf here. Great presentation of the SLED Test here. More detail about Trotting Out a Toddler here.


For Facebook, Twitter or Instragram


Let’s Face It: Planned Parenthood Is Evil by David Harsanyi

While the tone of the article can be a bit coarse, I think David raises some interesting points and questions.



Partial-Birth Abortion is Not About Abortion by Greg Koukl


Abortion for Rape Victims? by Greg Koukl




See the investigative video HERE



Whose Body Parts Are They? by J.W. Wartick




Tissue, specimens, human being, flesh, fetus, baby… Whatever you choose to call it…



We hope these are helpful tools and conversation starters! If you share on Twitter (@youthapolonet) or Facebook (Youth Apologetics Network) be sure to tag us so we can follow along.



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