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  • Resurrection Chat: Minimal Facts with Kids

    Resurrection Chat: Minimal Facts with Kids

    I saw Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs on the supermarket shelf this week, and it can mean only one thing: Easter approaches! Granted, its approach is heralded really early this year, but it’s never too early to discuss the resurrection of Jesus with our kids. Fortunately, the “Minimal Facts” approach is a fantastic starting point for…

  • Book Review: Resurrection iWitness

    Book Review: Resurrection iWitness

    We didn’t set out to review books written solely by authors from the MA Apologetics program at Biola University, yet once again we find ourselves with just such a book: Resurrection iWitness. Doug Powell, author of the Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics wrote and designed this intriguing, interactive book. I picked up Resurrection iWitness because it…