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Videos for the Weekend: Songs, Hippos and “Think for a Minute”!

This Friday, we pulled together a few videos from around YouTube for young and old(er)!

For the Young:


ApologetiX – Baa! We’re Lambs (parody of “Barbara Ann” by the Beach Boys) Simple, truth based lyrics with simple, cute lambs.


Hip Hip Hooray – Hippopotamous by Mary Rice Hopkins Get ready to have this song stuck in your head for weeks. Presents the creation story and praises God’s good work… plus there is hippo dancing.


For the Young Adult:

These three “Think for a Minute” videos are just a sampling of what we found on Apologetics Canada’s YouTube page. Each is well made and takes a brief look at some question that Christian apologetics seek to answer. Their website offers some valuable resources as well.


Does God Exist?


What is Evil?


Is Jesus God?

The Apologetics Canada website

Have you seen something particularly helpful or interesting on YouTube lately? We’d love to hear about it! 6 days to go on the Picture Book Apologetics Kickstarter project…

Apologetics, Articles

Weekly Roundup – 8/2

We hope you will find this list of collected bits from around the web interesting and useful today. The sites, pages, posts and articles are all relevant to raising up kids in Christ. Let us know what you think, or if you’ve seen something else that we missed! Be sure to also check out the Picture Book Apologetics project on Kickstarter. We greatly appreciate your support!

Websites to Visit:

Posts from Around the Web:

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