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Apologetics for a New Generation: Book Application

Last week we briefly summarized Apologetics for a New Generation, but we wanted to emphasize some of the key aspects of application that the authors cover. While this book covered a broad variety of topics, it was all geared toward reaching young people for Christ. To that end, there were plenty of suggestions on how to apply that toward teaching apologetics to students.

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Articles, Book Reviews

Apologetics for a New Generation: Book Synopsis

In his book, Apologetics for a New Generation, Sean McDowell put together a team of writers who have a heart to minister to young people. They outline the need for a new approach to apologetics, some ideas for new methods in which to apply these apologetics, and some of the different challenges now facing our culture.

In the first section of the book, the new approach is characterized as relational.  In the context of relationship, people build trust without which the application of apologetics falls flat.[1] It is through relationships that the Holy Spirit instills belief and people are drawn to the gospel message.[2] Students should be empowers to be ambassadors of Christ and “agents of transformation to their generation” once these personal relationships have been established.[3] Continue Reading