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Thank you!

The Picture Book Apologetics Kickstarter campaign to launch “Pig and the Accidental Oink!” was a success! Thank you for giving your support. Whether in the form of pledges, word of mouth, prayer and more, we appreciate you. Now, we’re excited to see what God will do with this picture book.

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About Picture Book Apologetics

Children who don’t know why they believe what they believe grow into adults who don’t know why they believe what they believe. If they don’t know that their beliefs are well-founded, how can they possibly defend them? Children have a LOT of questions. We’ve found that parents often feel ill-equipped to provide them with well-reasoned answers.

So we started looking for resources that would help our own children defend their beliefs. However, we were surprised to find very little. It was then that we decided to start Picture Book Apologetics. We take advanced apologetics arguments and tools that are available to adults, and distill those tools into simple, easily accessible materials for children.

Picture books are portable, colorful, engaging, and can encourage deeper conversations. Our stories provide parents with a starting point to lay a defensible foundation of firm belief for children growing in knowledge and faith. Because, honestly, it’s never too early to start loving the Lord with our heart, soul, strength, AND mind (Luke 10:27).